Seating Chart


Gallery Furniture 42nd annual UIL High School Awards Dinner, presented by Dave Campbell's Texan Live

Please check back for updates, as seating is subject to change.
We are expecting 700 people, so try to arrive early.
We are hosting a Food Drive for the Houston Food Bank, so please bring perishables.

7 p.m., Wed., Dec. 8, 2021, Bayou City Event Center, 9401 Knight Road


Proceed to your table, as there is no need to check in. If you have not prepaid, there is a will-call table at the event where you can pay for your seats. All tables are 10 seats each.

We use assigned seating. All tables have a sign with your name and/or your entity’s name, how many seats you have at your table, and the table number. Please know that if you order a seat, we need you to pay for it or we will lose money.

Table 1 -- Texas A&M, Gordon Richardson and Jim Stark (platinum sponsor)
Table 2 -- DEFENSE FINALISTS: Keewan Grismore, Clear Falls; Mason Hall, Ridge Point; Martell Harris, The Woodlands; A.J. Holmes, Westfield; Julian Humphrey, Clear Lake; Ty Kana, Katy; Dejaun Lewis, Shadow Creek; and Fordham Parks, Cinco Ranch.
Table 3 -- DEFENSE FINALISTS: Xavier Potts, Manvel; Lukia Rawls, Klein Cain; Kris Ross, North Shore; Kentrell Webb, Paetow; OFFENSE FINALISTS: Kelvin Banks, Summer Creek; Kendrick Bailey, Klein Forest; Bishop Davenport, Spring; Kameron Dewberry, Atascocita.
Table 4 -- OFFENSE FINALISTS: Caleb Douglas, Hightower; Bert Emanuel Jr., Ridge Point; Matt Golden, Klein Cain; Donovan Green, Dickinson; Josh McMillan, Tompkins; Harold Perkins, Cypress Park; Noah Thomas, Clear Springs; and Conner Weigman, Bridgeland.
Table 5 -- Oklahoma State, Chad Clay, and TCU, Royce Huffman (platinum sponsor)
Table 6 -- Jim McIngvale, Gallery Furniture (title sponsor)
Table 7 -- COACH FINALISTS: Cornelius Anthony and spouse, Hightower; Derek Fitzhenry and spouse, C.E. King; Kevin Flanagan and spouse, Tomball; and B.J. Gotte and spouse, Paetow.
Table 8 -- COACH FINALISTS: Kenny Harrison and spouse, Summer Creek; Rick LaFavers and spouse, Ridge Point; Todd McVey and spouse, Tompkins; and Matt Meekins and spouse, Westfield
Table 9 -- COACH FINALISTS: Jerry Prieto and spouse, Crosby; David Raffield and spouse; Bridgeland; David Snokhous and spouse, Jersey Village; and Craig Stump and spouse, Atascocita
Table 10 -- University of Texas, Tommy Harper (platinum sponsor)

Table 11 -- Bridgeland HS (silver sponsor)
Table 12 -- Bridgeland HS (gold sponsor)
Table 13 -- The Woodlands HS (gold sponsor)
Table 14 -- Baylor, Mike George (gold sponsor)
Table 15 -- Texas Tech, Gary Petersen (platinum sponsor)
Table 16 -- University of Houston (platinum sponsor)
Table 17 -- UNLV, Marcus Arroyo (silver sponsor)
Table 18 -- SMU, two seats; Texas-San Antonio-five seats
Table 19 -- Rice University (7 seats; media sponsor); Stephen F. Austin (4 seats)
Table 20 -- John P. Lopez family (media honoree)

Table 21 -- Selection Committee
Table 22 -- Fort Bend ISD (10)
Table 23 -- Hightower HS (10)
Table 24 -- Tomball ISD (bronze sponsor)
Table 25 -- Tomball ISD (bronze sponsor)
Table 26 -- Klein Cain (bronze sponsor)
Table 27 -- Klein Cain (bronze sponsor)
Table 28 -- Houston A&M Club (bronze sponsor)
Table 29 -- Jersey Village HS (10)
Table 30 -- Jersey Village HS (10)

Table 31 -- Jersey Village HS (10)
Table 32 -- Cypress Park (10)
Table 33 -- Cypress Park (10)
Table 34 -- Tompkins Booster Club (10)
Table 35 -- Tompkins Principal (10)
Table 36 -- TASO-Ricky Prine (10)
Table 37 -- Klein Forest (10)
Table 38 -- Dickinson ISD (10)
Table 39 -- Dickinson HS (10)
Table 40 -- Clear Springs (10)

Table 41 -- Clear Lake (10)
Table 42 -- Clear Creek ISD (10)
Table 43 -- Clear Falls (10)
Table 44 -- Ridge Point (11 seats)
Table 45 -- Ridge Point (10 seats)
Table 46 -- Ervin Emanuel (7); Hall family (2); Titus Woodard (1)
Table 47 -- Humble ISD-Coach Harrison (10)
Table 48 -- Humble ISD-Coach Stump (10)
Table 49 -- Humble ISD-Kam Dewberry (10)
Table 50 -- Humble ISD-Kelvin Banks (10)

Table 51 -- Shadow Creek (10)
Table 52 -- Cinco Ranch (10)
Table 53 -- Cinco Ranch (10)
Table 54 -- Westfield (10)
Table 55 -- Westfield (10)
Table 56 -- Spring (10)
Table 57 -- Manvel (10 seats)
Table 58 -- Manvel (3 seats); Katy (5 seats); Steve Benotti (2 seats)
Table 59 -- Katy HS (10)
Table 60 -- Paetow (10)

Table 61 -- Paetow (10)
Table 62 -- Crosby (10)
Table 63 -- Crosby (10)
Table 64 -- North Shore (10)
Table 65 -- TASO officers (10)
Table 66 -- C.E. King (10)
Table 67 -- C.E. King (10)
Table 68 -- TD Club (10)
Table 69 -- Alvin ISD (10)
Table 70 -- Texan Live
Table 71 -- Media
The venue will serve gluton-free or veggie meals upon request.

TOUCHDOWN CLUB OF HOUSTON : We are the Houston chapter of the National Football Foundation. The NFF – among other things – runs the College Football Hall of Fame and gives scholarships to undergraduates and graduates in colleges. We are non-denominational, in that we don’t solely support one team. Our purpose is to assist kids in Greater Houston. Please check our website for updates to our future events. The best way to help us is to attend our events.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about our events:

PARKING : Parking is free at the Bayou City Event Center. There is a fee at the Omni-Galleria

DRESS : Dress is business to business casual. If you get cold easily, then be sure to bring a jacket for the event as the room will be about 72-74 degrees.

FOOD : Meals will be served to all who purchase seats. The caterer also provides gluten-free and other types of meals upon request.

TICKETS : More tickets are available by e-mail at, or by phone call to the TD Club’s Neal Farmer at 713-849-9860. There will be 10 seats available for people who walk up to the event without paying in advance.

SEATING CHART : We have a seating chart you can view at Once on the home page, click where it says “seating chart.” Proceed straight to your table if you already have tickets. There is no need to check in as this slows down the process. We use assigned seating. All tables will have a table sign  with your name on it, and how many seats you have at that table, as well as the table number. All tables are 10 seats each.

We have put more than $220,000 worth of weights and weight equipment into 47 Greater Houston high schools since 2002.

We have awarded approximately $225,000 in scholarships to approximately 315 kids since 2000.

We have teamed up with the Houston Texans to distribute excess cleats and tennis shoes to needy area high schools. The Texans and NRG Energy Foundation also underwrote our Weight Room Program in 2020.

We teamed up with event founders Phil Camp and counselor Coby Rhoden, as well as HISD and the Houston Texans, for a Senior Showcase college tryout at the Texans’ Methodist Practice Facility. More than 900 kids have landed about $900 million in NAIA, NCAA Division II and NCAA Division III scholastic aid since 2011 of the highly successful event.